Jorge: Congrats on the official announcement on TechCrunch about Pattern! Why do you tell the audience a bit about your professional background, how you got into sales, and what you love about it? Derek: I’m an experienced Sales leader with a strong operational skill set. I started my career in sales as an SDR making 200 cold calls a […]

Interviewee: Philip Schweizer, Founder and CEO at Switzerland-based SalesWingsApp Interviewer: Jorge Soto, Host and Chief Editor Jorge:  What is your professional background and how did you get into sales? Philip:  I graduated with a major in Entrepreneurship from the world’s first hospitality management school here in Switzerland, so no evident link to sales really. Hospitality is a “people […]

I am always looking for new ways of improving the way that I prospect, especially when it comes to qualifying opportunities. I came across PostWire earlier this year and have to say I really like it. The way we sell has certainly evolved and contrary to many “sales experts” cold calling is not dead, it’s […]