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Over the last 21 years I have advised hundreds of founders and launched countless startups.

Jorge Soto - Sotoventures

About yours truly

I’m a cross-functional entrepreneur – I’m a product manager, sales leader, and marketer. I spent most of my career in the SF Bay Area and NYC. Now, back home in Miami, FL.

I specialize in product-led growth and sales-led revenue motions. B2B SaaS martech, salestech, and adtech.

I incubate SaaS products through my StartupJorge Labs. I also run Partnerships and community at Reprise.

I love music, yoga, spirituality, science, space, nature, pets, and the beach.

What people say about Jorge Soto?

Jorge is what I call a machine – the energy this guy has when he puts his mind to something is unreal and amazing to watch. His skill in developing new business, relationships, leads, filling a pipeline is masterful. His leadership and ability to enroll others in his vision is something that I’ve taken note of and have started to emulate in my work.

Jason Vargas


Jorge is a go-getter with a passion for startups and helping them succeed. If you talk to him, you’ll quickly recognize that he loves discovering and discussing ways to improve results for his team. He’s a self-aware, fun guy who knows how to tell a great story and get the deal done.

Celina Guerrero


Jorge Sales Soto…That has a nice ring to it right? Sales should be Jorge’s middle name because he is SO passionate about it. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jorge on MoPub’s BD team, and he has definitely been a key contributor to MoPub’s Inside Sales efforts.

Phu Capone



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