I can’t help it. I’m 40 years ago and as much as I have tried to fit into the box that society has told me I needed to fit into, or else, I can’t. I’m an incredibly sensitive man, who embodies everything that I put my attention on. This notion of separating work and personal […]

Hey there startup founders and early employees! Today I want to talk about the idea of an MVP in sales. We’ve been talking about minimum viable product for a long time within product development and engineering – it’s all about the most basic idea of a product that works.  MVP in the Startup World  I […]

“Miami, Florida will be a Silicon Valley.” People around the world, not just here in Miami, are saying that. What I am saying is, “Don’t limit us that way. Already Miami is beyond Silicon Valley. We are the Web3Frontier. What we have created is unique. And the momentum for more is high-octane.” Like all revolutions, […]

This is a process that I have used for nearly a decade to go from zero to my first set of customers. If all goes well, an early customer will flow through the funnel from the pre-approached stage to becoming one of your first 100 paid users. This is not an exact science, and there […]