Product Expert Spotlight: Killer UI/UX

Jackie Bavaro of Asana
Jackie Bavaro is Product Manager at San Francisco, CA Asana was founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and former Facebook engineer Justin Rosenstein


Jackie Bavaro | Product Manager at Asana | San Francisco, CA

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Asana has one of the most innovative Ui/Ux's of all business applications out there. The software has a fluid, responsive "feel"; an experience that reminds me of traditional desktop applications for the Windows and Mac OS.

During the early days the founders of Asana spoke a lot of a javascript-based framework they were developing called LunaScript, however I'm not sure how much of it exists in today's version.

Merci Victoria Grace of Slack


Merci Victoria Grace | Product Manager at Slack | San Francisco, CA

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Although it seems that Slack has been smothered -- in a good way -- by early adopters, I think they have a great chance to truly bite into email's market share across non-tech enterprises.

What's funny is that enterprise chat/collaboration tools have been out there for a long time. And even if it seems like Yammer and Salesforce Chatter are the "big names" in the space, I don't know any organizations that have truly adopted them. And although I think that we are a few years away from mass adoption of these systems, Slack just feels right.

Everytime I use Slack I chuckle at how thoughtful the Ui/UX is. It's like they had a huge list of all the things that sucked about their predecessors and made sure their addresses them all.



Adam Darowski | Product Designer & Front-end Engineer at Dribbble | Salem, Massachusetts

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My good buddy Shane Brown introduced me to Dribbble and I instantly was hooked. For a site that displays imagery/design as it's core function, they have found a way to be a creative canvas.

Cristina Randall


Cristina Randall | Co-founder and COO at | Mexico City

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I have watched Cristina masterfully build UI/UX for the many iterations of Conekta since 2011. What's most impressive is how quickly she built product to spec and never cut corners; even if the product was in MVP mode.