Procrastination is the #1 Killer of all Success

I must say that this post was inspired by a few things that I am experiencing in my life today as well as a blog entry that a friend of mine Rory Vaden posted:

Rory speaks of the 4 Causes of Inaction. The last cause titled “Lack of Accountability” really resonated with me. I find that this is the root of all failure. It leads people to rationalize and make excuses which allows them to absolve themselves of all accountability. The problem is that one must first be aware of their behavior to be able to fix it.

Many managers out there simply tell their employees or partners what they are doing wrong, without helping them understand the root cause of the issue themselves. My personal opinion is that you can only walk someone so far; you can only preach to them so much, before they need to understand the issues themselves and hold themselves ACCOUNTABLE.

There is a reason that so many speak about success; less take steps towards achieving success; and very few achieve success. Potential is useless without action.

Thanks for the inspiration Rory.