"An impelling force or strength" or "the amount or force of motion in a moving body".

Momentum is one of the most important elements when achieving success, building a business, or selling a product/service; in fact, now that I think about it, it’s a key element of life in general. It’s what wins championship games in football and battles in war. Although this concept is pretty logical Momentum is pretty under rated. I don’t believe that many of us in business understand the power that it has. As a salesman, I can remember the days that I was jamming were the days that I had a ton on energy, confidence, and MOMENTUM throughout this successful period. Successful leaders understand the power that it has and when they identify it know how to leverage it.

For us out there engaged in our journey towards success, the first step is internalizing that momentum is key and when its active we must leverage it.

So what does this mean?

Well, of course it is all relative to your personal/business goals or definition of success, yet I believe that not letting up, reaching that extra inch; pushing your hardest during the moments where complacency is setting in, because you feel comfortable with status quo or your current production. I have observed that it is the people to work the hardest in the 4th quarter that break records resulting in breaking their own belief barriers. These are the guys/gals who do great things. These are things that others consider as great or impossible, and they consider as baseline.

Folks, I have seen the concept of breaking belief barriers succeed over and over again. And don’t get me wrong, I have been guilty many times of letting these mental barriers restrict me from achieving my goals, yet it is an exercise that we must all participate in. The beauty is that once these barriers are broken and new goals are expected, momentum has already started and will only gain strength with your continued pursuit.

Lets together allow our momentum to grow and focusing on the task at hand and pushing our hardest when complacency comes knocking at our door.

This is when champions are made.