Interview: Caio Vaz of Resultados Digitais on how companies are adopting CRM and the current state of #SaaS software in Brazil


Interviewee: Caio Vaz, Channel Account Manager - SaaS at Resultados Digitais

Interviewer: Jorge Soto, Host at Sotoventures Media

Grey Line

Jorge: What is your career background and how did you get into the digital and startup world?

Caio: I was manager of logistics operations for several years, which is where I learned a lot about how to manage teams and crisis. Then I moved into marketing and sales manager role for that logistics company, which is how I learned about Resultados Digitais.

Shortly after becoming very impressed by the company, a friend recommended I apply for a channel account manager vacancy at Resultados Digitais and needless to say I got the job and here I am.

For me, entering this market has been awesome and I'm so happy. We love the daily challenges and learning, and also the feeling of being ahead of the market in terms of technology and new ways of doing business.

Jorge: Resultados Digitais is known in the U.S as a pioneer in marketing automation in Brazil. Can you tell us a little more about the company's history, mission, and vision for the future of software-as-a-service (“saas”) in Brazil?

Caio: We are known as pioneers and this is the result of hard work of the founders. At first they focused on being subject matter experts and to build thought leadership. The RD Station (our software) was only released a few months after the establishment of the company.

While it was under development, the founders wrote about Digital Marketing on our blog which resulted in generating tremendous demand for advice and more content.

The SMB market in Brazil is very large and the companies have difficulties in competing with the big players. Therefore, our goal is to help companies of different sizes and sectors to understand and enjoy the benefits of digital marketing, while achieving real and lasting results for their business. The two ways we are trying to do this are via the RD Station software and our events like RD Summit.

The future of SaaS in Brazil, in my view, is very promising. We are in maturing and we have a lot to improve - and that means a lot of opportunities. In addition, the adoption of use of SaaS technologies and products increases year after year.

The trends are all suggesting that SaaS will continue to grow in Brazil and will become very massive.


Jorge: How are companies adopting CRM and SaaS software currently in Brazil and how do you think this will change in the next 5 years?

Caio: The reality is that Brazilian companies are becoming more professional and adopting more modern business practices. They are discovering how important it is to have management and governance in business and are seeking tools to help them reach excellence.

It is also notable as the market is seeking to evolve, sharing it's learnings. My vision is that in five years we will have global players in this market. I have no doubt of that.


Jorge: Other than Resultados Digitais who are the most popular SaaS companies in Brazil today?


Jorge: If you were a SaaS company trying to enter brazil what would be your first few strategies?

Caio: I think the strategies are no different to any company that wants to enter a new market - study, test , adjust , etc. - but the point I have to make is that the Brazilian market has its peculiarities and it is important to have on staff someone well knows the reality of the market. You have to be on the ground and deeply integrate.

The golden tip is: Brazilians are very creative when solving problems. Take advantage of this ability as a learning opportunity between the new Brazilian office and headquarters.