Entrepreneurship and PTSD

I've been thinking about this post for a while now but didn't have the courage to write it for a variety of reasons.

I kept thinking to myself, what would be the purpose? Would this be a tactic to gain attention since mental health is such a trending topic these days?

The answer is that I don't fucking care what people think, and the fact is that everyone is so wrapped up in their own narrative that it's unlikely they'll even get far enough into this post to "get it".

But for the one's that do, I truly hope it's helpful ??.

BTW, I say this with zero hostility towards anyone else. It's more a reminder to myself to trust myself as I always have, and that my intuition has led me to the places that I needed to go to; even if the road was rough and the light at the end of the tunnel was hard to find.

So, I have been experiencing PTSD, however, I'm not part of the military and never have been. It's really a personal thing that is hard to determine. Some people can indeed go to war and experience atrocities, and be unaffected. Others will be scared for the rest of their lives.

It turns out that traumatic experiences can happen anywhere, at anytime, and triggered by any source.

My traumatic experiences started at a young age with family challenges, natural disasters, and a turbulent adolescence. I was able to "put my head down" and keep on moving, aware that things would catch up to me one day, but with no idea how to face them. So I just kept being brave and courageous, which fueled me for a few decades.

And then when I was about 20 years old, I found an obsession that seemed to be the answer to it all: being an entrepreneur.

It was so exciting! Freedom! Wealth! Control of my own destiny!

It feed my ego and self esteem like nothing I had ever found and was legal and was moral!

Note: Keep in mind that others are going through shit too.