Entrepreneurial Overdrive

Entrepreneurial Overdrive - This is a characteristic that I believe every successful entrepreneur must possess. It’s the ability to reach that extra inch when you are tired or feeling like giving up. Its that extra sales call or line of code that you write at the end of a long week or while you’re dying to keep your eyes open. Its waking up on a Saturday, opening your laptop and getting at it, even before you brush your teeth.

Its not caring about spending half of your paycheck on getting that new logo designed or spending a weekend shacked up in your basement writing PRDs, fueled by pizza and beer.

In my mind it’s the only way to get things done. Cause in business excuses don’t matter, nor does anyone really give a crap why it didn’t get done. It just must get done. And especially when launching a start up, the momentum generated by getting things done is so VERY, VERY, VERY important. I have found that once you are at a standstill its incredibly hard to keep going. Its why coaches preach momentum to their team all the time. As an avid sports fanatic I see the change in momentum in games all the time. Loosing momentum will loose you games.

This is Entrepreneurial Overdrive.