Minimum Viable Process – What is the MVP in Startup Sales?

Hey there startup founders and early employees! Today I want to talk about the idea of an MVP in sales. We’ve been talking about minimum viable product for a long time within product development and engineering - it’s all about the most basic idea of a product that works.  MVP in the Startup World  I […]

Imposter Syndrome: a symptom of the human ego, a major contributor to the human condition. -- I launched my first internet-based startup in 2005 and never looked back. MySpace was poppin and Facebook this online community for college students that used "networks" defined by your .edu email address had something really special about it.  I […]
I'm laughing to myself as I sit at my family friend's brunch spot in an area that is known for being a Manila hot spot called Borough (facebook) in the BGC area.   I was laughing because it dawned on me again. The fact that I hit a rough patch of the school of hard knock […]