So, I went to Manila
Me performing a Green Day song with some locals in Puerto Galera, Philippines 

I'm laughing to myself as I sit at my family friend's brunch spot in an area that is known for being a Manila hot spot called Borough (facebook) in the BGC area.  

I was laughing because it dawned on me again. The fact that I hit a rough patch of the school of hard knock learnings this year, 2018. I don't want to write a post about all the rough moments because I'm getting sick of giving them to much attention, however all you founders know what I'm talking about.

FirstCut decided to pivot as we found that investors just don't really like unscalable or painfully scaled business like services, even tech-enabled services, many times give you; so you're forced to increase pricing to justify the chaos and stress. Hence the reason why agencies only scale with humans and humans hit their limits quick. Especially us millennials. 

After the dust settles and clarity is regained, I'm quite thankful for the leanings.

Pivots are not easy and really test the very fabric of a startup. I'm interested in interviewing founders who have experienced a pivot regardless of outcome.

Now back to go good stuff. So Manila's been great and being around family has been amazing. It's so heart-filling to be around people that you are so closely connected to, by blood. It's such a powerful bound. I've been hanging out with my 91 year grandma, who has better dance moves than I.

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