B2B data will change our day

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If you’re not already aware of the fact that data is the future, you have not been paying attention. I think Sean Parker said something about privacy being the next luxury and I can see where he’s coming from. Our data is all over the internet across social media sites and sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce, Gmail, to POS systems and mobile apps galore.

What’s awesome about that data is that we can actually analyze it and tell you something about yourself. Of course, I look at this stuff from a b2b sales perspective because I’m completely obsessed with trying to create a new way of selling b2b using technology and I believe that our tools should be personalized. This level of personalization includes being able to direct how you as an individual rep can improve by telling you what part of your sales process you are weakest at; things like that.

I believe that the days of manual data entry around sales activities are close to being over. I believe that in the near future, you will be logging into your sales dashboard via tablet or mobile and just executing data-driven tasks that having the highest likelihood of buying and with much shorter sales cycles.

We will no longer be following random processes that maybe just “seem logical” and/or it worked in the past. We will have data that strongly drives the strategies and execution of our daily sales activities.

There is just so much data out there to leverage and more being created by the second. Very soon your CRM will no longer be an empty box or a box filled with stale, inaccurate data. You will be logging into dynamic systems that have fresh, accurate data, and tell you what to do next.