26 Leaders that are Disrupting B2B Sales Tech

Max Altschuler, CEO at SalesHacker | Conferences, Author, Thought Leadership

Andi V Smith, CEO at AV Search | Recruiting

Matt Hubert, Product Manager of Dashtab | Sales Development Workflow Software

Rob Nagle, Lead Software Engineer of Dashtab | Sales Development Workflow Software

Ilya Semin, Founder and CEO at Datanyze | Sales Intelligence

Ben SardellaFounder and Chief Revenue Officer at Datanyze | Sales Intelligence

Manny Medina, CEO at Outreach.io | Sales Email Automation

Andrew Kinzer, Founder at Outreach.io | Sales Email Automation

Ross Epstein, SendBloom | Sales Email Automation

Trish BertuzziCEO at The Bridge Group | Inside Sales and Sales Development Consulting

TKCEO at Tout App | Sales Communication Automation

Daniel Barber, VP of Sales and Operations at Tout App | Sales Communication Automation

Steli EftiCEO at Close.io | CRM

Matt Bellows, CEO at Yesware | Sales Communication Automation

Bridget Gleason, VP of Sales at Yesware | Sales Communication Automation

Alan Fletcher, CEO at SpiderBook | Prospecting Automation

Aman Naimat, CTO at SpiderBook | Prospecting Automation

Kyle Porter, CEO at SalesLoft | | Sales Email Automation

Sean Kester, Product Manger at SalesLoft | Sales Email Automation

Tami McQueen, Director of Marketing at Salesloft | Sales Email Automation

Guy RubinCEO at Ebsta | Sales Communication Automation

Behnard Peters, VP of Sales at Ebsta | Sales Communication Automation

Kyle PatelHead of Growth at OneMob | Sales Communication Automation

Craig JordanFounder and CEO at RedBridge | CRM Consulting

Andrea Lodigiani, Founder at RedBridge | CRM Consulting

Carolyn Betts, CEO at Betts Recruiting | Recruiting and Placement