Visualization of the Plan

I have been speaking a great deal about this lately. The idea that if you are able to visualize achieving a goal, then you are 100{553246f06ec80658d58877c30169c8b03a4bdeb18f3754ce1a5f305ceb753b48} capable to manifesting it in real life. Here’s the analogy that I use. We all know the steps of getting to work in the morning. We get up brush our teeth, take a shower etc etc. Many of us take the subway to work, some drive, others use alternative forms of transportation. My point is that we all can close our eyes and visualize this commute. And well, I believe that achieving success and building businesses are the same way. If you are able to visualize this you are able to achieve it .

So what does this mean exactly? Does this mean if I close my eyes and picture stacks of cash sitting on my bed that it will magically happen? Of course not! What it means is that if you take the time to plan and visualize the logical steps, many of these steps you may have already physical walked through, achieving this goal is now simply a matter of execution.

Take a moment to think through this concept and test it out for yourself. I believe that you will be surprised.