The Ugly Truth – It’s Never Enough

Entrepreneurship is always glamorized and often misunderstood. No one ever talks about how hard it is to make a decent buck on your own. The media only talks about the billion dollar exits and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world and never shows the reality of this game.

Or how many sleepless often painful nights an entrepreneur encounters.

Or how completely obsessed an entrepreneur can become with "success" that they forget how to live a life not focused on building businesses.

They never talk about the effect of having "some" success or being around massive success has on you.

Well, for people like me, it's never enough. And that actually sucks.

The Honeymoon is Short

Don't get me wrong, after a business success like an acquisition, there is a period of joy and sense of accomplishment. But let me tell you, it's short lived. There's always more to be accomplished, more money to be made, more problems to solve.

I personally have been around hundreds of millions dollars of worth and it rarely seems like anyone is ever truly satisfied. I saw my first $250 million dollar exit at the age of 22. Unfortunately I didn't have vested equity in the venture, however it ignited a fire within me and showed me that this was actually possible.

One thing that I didn't noticed at the time was that the folks involved in that venture didn't stop. Before I knew it they were onto the next venture. The funny thing is that, I completely understand why.

What is Underneath it?

I don't know that all entreprepreneurs are driven by the same goals or motives. I can say that I personally have a very, very deep desire to work for myself. As I have said many times, the thought of being stuck in an office working 9am-5pm literally makes me sick.

But is that it? -- ultimately one could optimize their lifestyle to keep expenses and work for themselves? I mean, if you look at the worldwide median income of $9,733, it doesn't seem too crazy, right? -- I guess it's possible, but assuming I'm going to continue to live in type of society I've been living in the past 34 years, how do I find contemptment?