NAB 2016 in #Amsterdam was awesome!

Tomas and I attended the IBC 2016 Conference and Exhibition trying to discover the latest in #media and #broadcast tech and had a blast. The event was at it's usual location Rai Amsterdam which sits south of the center of the city.

Of course Amsterdam is super easy to navigate via bikes and the canals act as great guides! And your should definitely rent a bike while you are in town -- and if you're a videographer with a ton of equipment, they have bikes for us too!:

The Canals!

Quick Shout Out to the City of Amsterdam!

It sucks that so many associate this amazing city with it's Red Light District (which btw, is very chic) and "coffeeshops" (which are great if you go to the right ones) however Amsterdam is about so much more. It's becoming one of the most innovative cities on earth and due to a variety of variables, I believe will become a dominant force in global innovation.

First of all, they speak English and have a long history of doing global business. The Dutch are also well known for their involvement building New York City; in fact the lower side of Manhattan shows it's rich Dutch history through it's architecture and street names.

I love that Amsterdam has a legit CTO named Ger Baron who from what I hear really cares about his city and it continuing to drive innovation.

Tweets and Pics from IBC 2016