My Angelpad Experience

I was a participant in the Spring 2011 Angelpad class, which happened to be the 2nd class conducted since the program was founded summer of 2010. My view on the program was perhaps a tad different from some of the other founders. I was about to be 30 years old and had spent my entire 20’s trying to build my own companies. In fact, since my junior year of undergrad, I have done everything from door-to-door sales to running a nightclub promotions company to launching a travel-based social network called; which by the way, was largely funded by my mother taking a second mortgage on her house, just to give me enough to cash to bootstrap the company (I love you mom!)... Angelpad was a complete no-brainer for me. I figure it was just what the doctor ordered -- luckily was I right.

There are a few things that I think Angelpad really did well:

• Mentors: Every start up typically finds a particular mentor that they essentially bond with. This mentor really starts to get close to the team and provides very granular advice.

• Social Proof: Thomas Korte is a great marketer. Between his connections and the brand he has built in a short period of time, it was very clear to us that doors would open if we built something that was compelling and performed well as a team.

• Product Market Fit: As several other founders have suggested, Angelpad focuses heavily on building the right product, at the right time.

• Connections: Based on participating in the program my network has grown tremendously.