Millennial and a Woman?

sarah fricke


I write you from my couch on a snowy day in Washington, DC as a #millennialwomaninsales.

I, Sarah Fricke, happen to be one of the many many women studied by firms like @CEB, @BCG, and @Deloitte on what makes us tick.

Not only do I happen to be a female but I am also part of the ever so studied millennial generation - only the best combination 🙂

Now onto why you should keep reading. There are so many great resources and blogs on #women #womeninsales #millennialsinsales #millennials.

As I sit here ready to embark on creating a resource for others looking to understand the #millenialwomeninsales populations. My column on will be raw, real, and inspirational.

I'd love to hear from you topics you'd like for me to write about, please comment below.

I'm excited to start writing!

Grey Line

Leaders I look up to:

Jill Rowley | Startup Advisor. Keynote Speaker. #SocialSelling Evangelist. #SalesEnablement Enthusiast. 16 years of #SaaS experience. 1 Husband. 4 Kids. Doggie

Trish Bertuzzi | Sales Development & Inside Sales Thinker, Writer, Builder. Passionate about all things related to phone, web and social prospecting

Jill Ulvestad | Founder of VorsightBP, Washington D.C area based sales and leadership expert

Kyle Porter | CEO of @SalesLoft. Focused on sales development, customer acquisition, and organizational health

Steve Richard | Founder at (game film for your sales team) & VorsightBP (sales training). Sales conversation quality matters!

Jessica Cash | Head of Sales Solutions New Product Development and Chair, Women at CEB Leadership Council

Grey Line

DC Startup Scene

Living in our nations capital makes for an interesting startup scene. We do have starts up that are focused on bringing technology to the federal government, improving our environment, creating better healthcare etc. but we also have a healthy mix of start ups appealing to marketing or procurement executives.

This intersection of diverse organizations lends itself to organizations like 1776, AA-ISP and having a blast bringing everyone together and creating networking opportunities for everyone to learn from each other.

It also lends to a healthy job environment with complex roles as many require you to work with both the government and traditional corporations.