Is the Market Improving? What’s up with all the acquisition action!

So, I'm not sure if its me or are there a crap load of acquisitions going on right now!
I mean just this week, you have being bought by Intuit (Shut outs to Sid, I'm proud of you man!), Nokia buying Plum, and talks regarding Adobe buying Omniture - and I'm sure I have missed a bunch more.

Ok so, the deal was a good one I believe. is a great application, uniquely positioned within its space. Additionally I believe it will continue to grow. It was a decent deal at $170 million dollars or whatever it was.

Regarding the Adobe deal, I get it; they want to grow a new business line within online - Ok fine. It could be a good win for Adobe and Omniture is a well known, solid organization.

Now for the stinker of the crew, Nokia, what in Gods name are you doing buying Plum. I can name a million better options than this. For example, here in NYC, has a product called which would kick Plum's ass. Share on you Nokia. As for the Plum guys, atta boy or girl; you managed to get a decent valuation on your thing.

So the question is: Are M&As really back??