First Entry

Good morning world - So I'm siting here at my day job, getting ready to start my day of cold calling new prospects, researching markets, and dealing with the everyday joys working for someone else. Now, don't get me wrong, life at work is nice. We have a young company, which is doing well, in fact, we are doing better today than we have ever been. It's just that I learned a long time ago that no matter what I do, I will never be completely happy working for someone else. It's a realization that I had to come to grips with. Yet for now it's ok though; I am a learning a crap load and have met some great people. It's yet another training ground for what lies ahead in the near distant future...

I must say that I am a better business person today versus I was when I first got here. I have had the chance to work within a space that I really love, web 2.0 & social media, while having the chance to make some good friends: like TJ "Dragon" M who is probably one of the most brilliant creatives I have ever met and all around good hearted person. Maliki O, a truly special human being; the type of guy that you wouldn't mind spending hours around speaking about life's philosophies or a new business idea. Halit B, an honorable gentleman who seems to do no wrong. The type of guy that you would fight for in the heat of battle and who you know would have your back without question. Big E, a visionary, who has enough ideas and energy to fill a room. Speaking of rooms, when he is around the energy he brings is infectious and inspiring.

Of course, there are a few more people that have really made an impact on me by being who they are as people as well as colleagues.