The Beginning…

So where did it start? Where did the addiction that I now call entrepreneurship begin?

Well, frankly, I don't remember the day that I took my first risk or faced my first challenge, which are items that ALL entrepreneurs deal with on a consistent basis. But I do remember the moment that I realized that I could achieve anything within business if I simply wanted it bad enough and was willing to work hard for it. It was my junior year at Florida State University, when my new and equally as ambitious friend Senor Cesar Garcia and I decided that we wanted to attend a huge conference in NYC which featured the owners of some of the top companies and sports organizations in the world. The problems were a) we were broke college students and didn't have the $1000 + for the registration cost and b) we needed to be part of the media to get in for free.

So what did we do? Well, like every good entrepreneur does, we used are freaking brains and started to think out of the box! - and at that time that meant beer + pizza (umm...not sure too much has changed over the After a days we came up with a strategy, which entailed representing a New Jersey-based local newspaper at the conference and covering it for them! Brilliant right?! So We applied for media passed and waited...and waited even more...and more. Until the a few days before the conference, we got a call stating that we were granted the passes and that we were good to go! You can imagine how happy we were, yet we still had one issue to overcome; we were in Tallahassee, FL and the conference was in New York City!

Well, folks I can tell you that we never made it dude to our transportation issue, but what i will say it that we succeeded. Cesar and I won. And our takeaways were simple; we can do anything, concur anything, and succeed at anything if we think wanted bad enough, were willing to work hard for it, and more importantly used our brains!

As silly as it sounds, that year Cesar and I would speak nonstop about businesses that we were going to start businesses and how successful were we going to be one day. And that my friends was the beginning of my journey...