5 components of launching your b2b brand on Twitter –> Tip #1: The Iconic Avatar

When launching your b2b brand on social media, Twitter becomes one of the critical marketing channels to focus on. You not only want to be very active (3-4 tweets per day minimum) but relevant and "human" too. I have launched many brands on Twitter and have developed an opinion on the key components of a solid go-to-market effort on Twitter.

Here is what I have come up with; if I have missed any or if you have recommendations Tweet at me (@sotoventures) using #SVRecommends or comment below:

  1. Iconic Avatar

  2. High Rez Header Image

  3. Content: Articles, Videos, Images

  4. Link Shortener

  5. Scheduling Tool

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This Week's Component:

The Iconic Avatar

It should not be complicated or difficult to identify. Sometimes we try to jam our full text logo in there which can make it hard to read. Of course a lot has to do with your branding elements and if you even have an iconic aspect to your logo.

If you don't have an iconic aspect maybe try to find something that you can focus on within the logo. If not, it might be a fun exercise to develop something iconic about your brand.

Anyways, as you see below I have added some examples showing the differences in balance and readability when your Twitter avatar is focused on an iconic aspect of your branding/logo.

Check out some the best practice examples I added below:

sotoventures branding templare2